Math champs

With a pumped up music mix booming through the loud speakers to commence Pi Day, SUNY Fredonia students let the games begin Thursday night.

McEwen Hall room 209 was packed with constants and supporters of a tradition going 14 years strong. This year’s theme was “Pi Perfect” and highlighted the audition scene from the film Pitch Perfect. Eight teams participated with four to six people per team. Participants had to wear a costume of some kind and perform three minute skits.

Math Department Professor Keary Howard commented on his love for Pi Day.

“Every year it is a different theme,” he said. “Every year this is one of our highlights.”

Howard added this is a way to relax and say hello to spring.

“Some students get bonus points in their classes if they participate,” he said. “Part of this year’s theme is to encourage students to wear costumes.”

Before the games, there was a scavenger hunt where participants had to get a picture of a license plate containing as many digits of pi as possible, get a receipt with a total of as many digits of pi as possible, take a video of the entire team horizontal running, bring a piece of pie, find proof of a non-famous person’s birthday on Pi Day, find a book with a bar code containing as many digits of pi as possible, bring the movie “Pitch Perfect,” take a picture of a room with as many digits of pi as possible, make as many members of their team possible perform the song “Cups” from the movie “Pitch Perfect.”

The Numerators and The Denominators scored the highest on the scavenger hunt contest.

Graduate students Sara Maiorana, Kristen Joseph, Suzanne Constantinou, Elizabeth Schake and Shannon Tydings were the master minds behind this year’s Pi Day at SUNY Fredonia. They chose the theme, games and overall fun of the show.

“One of the perks of being a graduate student is you get to decide what happens on Pi Day,” Howard said. “Most of them have participated themselves for four years.”

Schake shouted out the rules to the games.

“Please have some kind of costume, skits have to be math-related and it has to be awesome,” she said. “Make it fun to watch for all of us.”

There were three judges; Dr. Nancy Boyton, Dr. Joseph Straight “The Godfather” and Dr. Jamar Pickreign.

The Denominators: Sarah Chamberlain, Molly Kalasinski, Joe Grieco, Brittany O’Brien and Morgan Glanowski acted out a skit on trying to solve pi.

Winners, The Numerators: Greg Haase, Travis Mirabella, Brett Martin, Emily Tronolone, Dylan Leither and Emily Prenatt performed a rap routine about math.

InterGurlz: Collene Sikora, Rachel Schank, Amber Hemphill and Sarah Mannion performed a math parody of ABBA’s “Dancing Queen.”

Natural Logs, uhhhh: Sykhere Brown, Chris Cooper, Iman Abdul and Konner Lieberman performed a ballad to pi.

ISO: Juhun Seo, Ji Hye Hyun, Hyun Soo Lim, Seongjin An, Junhyung Oh and Jacon Yim performed an original song about math.

The Smarties: Sam McCagg, Halee Dickinson, Dan Luong, Mike Stickney and Jose Rosario also performed an original song about math.

Crystal Math: Dan Branhorst, Drew Smith, Dave Waterland and Brenton Sandolfini performed another original song about math.

The top three teams received a Pi Perfect T-shirt. The top three teams were third place, InterGurlz; second place, ISO; and first place, The Numerators.

As the winners, The Numerators were able to take the Pi Cup for one day before handing it back to the college for next year. There names will be printed onto the cup for all time.

Schake said she loved being one of the leaders of this year’s Pi Day.

“It is an honor to be a graduate (student) in the math department,” she said. “This was a lot of fun and I loved it.”