Gowanda High School names February Students of the Month

Brent Bogardus, Grade 11, Panther PRIDE

A student chosen for Panther PRIDE illustrates, on a daily basis, what being a Panther means prepared, respectful, involved, determined, and excellence. This month’s selection is Brent Bogardus.

Brent is a member of the Gowanda varsity bowling team. His goal is to become a diesel mechanic and start the compress natural gas systems in vehicles. A person who influences Brent is Ben Hewitt, his boss. He has taught Brent how to be a leader, a hard worker and to never quit. Another influential person in his life is Brent’s father who steers him in the right direction. Brent’s advice to students is to follow your dreams.

Casey Harrison, Grade 10, art

Casey was nominated by Heather Rydzik because she exemplifies Panther Pride in the art studio by striving to do her best on each of her assignments. She accepts new challenges without complaint and is prepared to work hard to overcome those challenges. The thought and effort Casey has put into her artwork over the year has shown a high level of determination. She is also involved in an after-school arts enrichment course. Casey’s attitude and actions prove time and again that she respects herself, her peers, and her work.

Casey is an all-around athlete who participates in volleyball, cheerleading and softball. She plans to attend a 4-year college and use her art while in college. Her advice is to try new things; don’t be afraid. After all, you can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.

Jessi Dankert, Grade 10, science

Jessi was chosen by John Swanson as this month’s science student of the month because she exemplifies all aspects of Panther PRIDE. She is prepared for class, arriving on-time and ready to go with whatever class materials are necessary. She has respect for her teacher and classmates, and is a pleasure to work with. Jessi takes a genuine interest in the material being presented. Homework, classwork, and laboratory reports are done with care and on-time. She shows determination by asking questions about something she doesn’t understand (which is rare), and shows that she knows the true meaning of excellence by maintaining a 97 average in Earth Science for the second quarter.

Jessi participates in both band and pep band. Her future plans include attending JCC for two years to study criminal justice. Afterwards, she plans to join the NYS Troopers because the troopers have always inspired her. Jessi’s advice to students is to never give up. It is important to strive towards your goals no matter how many obstacles you have to overcome.

Marcella Torres, Grade 12, physical education

Marcella was nominated by Amy Cassidy because of her outstanding performance in physical education. Marcella was very goal oriented over the past unit and that gave her a kick start in training for spring sports. Marcella not only has a good demeanor in class, but also sets a good example for her peers. She is conscientious about her class work, timely with reports and prepared to participate.

Marcella runs both cross country and track. She is also a wrestler, a member of student council and a SADD participant. Marcella’s future plans include attending Utah Valley University and majoring in English with a concentration in creative writing and a minor in languages. The person who most influenced Marcella is her mother because she has motivated her to be the first in her family to attend college.

Kelsey Eddy, Grade 10, English language arts

John Jarzynski wrote it is virtually impossible to discuss Kelsey Eddy without mentioning her smile. It is welcoming and genuine, but behind that smile lies the heart and intellect of a confident and introspective young woman who is unafraid to take “the road less travelled.” Her work in English honors 10 is commendable, but it is her positive demeanor and her joy of learning which makes her stand out. Kelsey loves life and learning. She leaves any cynicism and apathy at home and in her backpack is an inexorable vivacity that cannot help but make any teacher smile.

Kelsey plays volleyball and is on the GCS track and field team. She is in both chorus and band and is a member of the sophomore class council. After finishing high school she plans to go to school for medicine or psychology because it’s what interests her the most. Kelsey’s advice to students is to give everything you do 100 percent and take as many opportunities as possible.

Rachael Evans, Grade 9, language

Rachael was nominated by Pattie Estrada because she is a kind and considerate student. She puts forth her best effort and has a great attitude. She comes to class with a smile every day and approaches learning with a positive attitude. It is likely that she will continue her study of Spanish and use it beyond high school.

Rachael runs cross country for GHS. Outside of school she ballroom dances and is a junior firefighter for the town of Collins. She plans to graduate high school with an advanced Regent’s diploma and to go to a 4-year college to become a teacher of math, social studies and/or Spanish. Her advice to students is to look into yourself and find the person you want to be.

Phyllis Conrow , Grade 11, social studies

Phyllis was nominated by David Bohn because she has good attendance, her behavior is exemplary and her grades are superb. Phyllis is an excellent influence in the classroom and displays Panther PRIDE on a daily basis. In Bohn’s words, “Phyllis shows up, pays attention, and gets the work done”.

Phyllis volunteers at the elementary school when she can. She is interested in finding a career in the art field after she graduates. Her advice to students is to never give up because if you put in your best effort you will succeed.

Mary Sommers, Grade 9, business

Mary was nominated by Ed Bugenhagen because of her work ethic and determination to succeed. Mary is in both Keyboarding and Microsoft Office. Mary works hard to develop her true potential and continually improves her skills in the classroom. She is eager to learn and makes it a priority to make up any assignments missed when she is unable to attend class. Her friendly demeanor allows her to work easily with any other student in the classroom. She readily accepts her assignments and tasks without complaint. Her dedication and work ethic allow her to complete her assignments on time and at a high level of achievement.

Mary participates in cheerleading for both football and basketball. She also helps manage both teams. In the spring she will be playing softball as a Panther. In college she plans to study psychology because she is very interested in the mind. Mary’s advice to students is to always do your best since these are the years that count.

Marcus Whitepigeon, Grade 9, mathematics

Marcus was nominated by Amy Fantaske because he completes his homework every day and scores very high on all of his tests. However, it is Marcus’ work ethic that separates him from other students. He shows all of his work including each mathematical step for each homework question. He comes to class every day eager to learn algebra.

Marcus would like to attend Syracuse University after graduation because this has always been a life’s dream for him. He would like people to know that graduating is very important to him and he plans to put most of his efforts into his studies but would like to try a sport before he graduates.