County Home sale is a win for the haves

Well it’s finally been done, the Chautauqua County Home has been sold. And for less than half its true and proper worth as was shown recently by several letters to the editor that were published in this paper.

So what does privatized ownership of this facility really mean to this county? It likely means the reality of these good paying jobs performed by educated and devoted employees being reduced to minimum wage jobs with no benefits and no future.

So this facility will be reduced to a revolving door for people to pass through in search of good care provided by hard-working county residents (and employees) but mostly being found by no one.

If everyone who lives in this county was given the chance to vote on the sale of our County Home, I’m sure the results would have been very different.

This county, like this country as a whole, is headed down the road to a land of haves and have nots. Oh, but don’t worry, if you lose your good-paying state or county job and revert to working poor, like all the other have nots, the haves will feel justified that you can go and apply for food stamps.

If it’s all the same to you, I am sure the County Home employees would rather continue working and earning and living at the level they worked so hard to attain.

Let’s admit it. The sale of the County Home was a one-sided bid to break the union these people are members of, and drive more Americans, against their will to an uncertain future.

Thank you, local government, Governor Andrew Cuomo, and President Barack Obama.

Donna DeAnthony is a Fredonia resident.