Pure breed license approved in town of Arkwright

ARKWRIGHT – Pure breed licensing was approved during the recent Arkwright Town Board meeting.

The original law adopted in 2010 stated all but pure breed dogs were covered under the dog licensing restrictions. Residents approached the board with the need to have the law changed to include pure breed dogs several months ago.

Jeffrey and Rebecca Arch requested the town board allow them to run their pure breed dog business and have licenses in order to keep their insurance.

Supervisor Frederic Norton made the motion to approve the adoption of the new dog license law, which would include pure breeds.

“The amendment would supply licenses for all dogs and the pure breed fees would be the same as the non-pure breed dogs,” he said. “If a person is in possession of a dog on town property for 30 days then it needs to be licensed.”

The Archs’ Attorney Dan Schum agreed the amendment is fair.

“We support the amendment that all dogs are treated equally and believe the board is making it fair for everyone,” he said. “My client is waiting for the zoning board (approval); hopefully by April or May.”

The Archs need the zoning board to approve their application for a special use permit, which would allow them to run their business from home.

Councilman Roger Cardot noted this was gone over carefully by the board.

“We have added extra information; he (Arch) can’t increase the number of dogs and if they are licensed by him it has to be done within 30 days,” he said. “He has already spent a lot of money and gone down that road.”

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