Cuomo ready to stand ground

State Gov. Andrew Cuomo is not like previous New York governors. He is working to have the state in a better financial position, provide a better business environment and have fewer layers of government.

He also is more apt to stand his ground.

Earlier this month, a group of municipal leaders called for fewer mandates so they can reduce property taxes. Cuomo did not sound as though he was ready to work out a deal.

“The main budget issue will be whether we have the will to do what is politically difficult and attack the waste and duplication of local governments that drive up property taxes,” he said. “Property taxes are the single largest and most devastating tax in our state. I understand the pressure from local officials who want a ‘business as usual’ approach, but I also understand the crushing burden of these property taxes on homeowners across New York. Providing a state subsidy as a bandage to temporarily alleviate the pain of ever rising property taxes is the kind of short-sighted approach we left behind three years ago. We must reduce the dysfunction and waste not enable and subsidize it.”

Taxpayers, do not be fooled. Local officials wanting more money and less mandates will not reduce spending.

Having fewer governments and leadership positions is a better, more cost-effective answer.