Brocton, Portland to consider other options besides Chadwick Bay proposal

BROCTON – A March 20 meeting will hopefully give leaders in the village of Brocton and the town of Portland some better insight on the potential avenues of water infrastructure in the event that the proposed Chadwick Bay regional solution isn’t realized.

Portland Town Supervisor and Chadwick Bay Regional Development Corporation Chairman Dan Schrantz announced the joint meeting at last week’s meeting of the town council. The meeting will be open to the public and will host Clark Patterson Lee representatives, the engineering firm hired to configure the proposed regional system.

“We’ve asked Clark Patterson Lee to attend to show us what potential rates would look like in a regional system versus any different scenario or backup plan if the regional system falls through. It would basically give us a better idea of what direction we would go,” stated Schrantz.

“We hired Clark Patterson Lee to come up with the best and most cost- effective scenarios for the regional project, so they have all of the water rates and usage information compiled as well as the formulas for potential rates depending on what the scenario would be, and that’s how the regional system was able to move forward was it being so much more cost-effective,” he added.

But before the newly formed regional board can seek additional funding and forge ahead, there seems to be some realistic “hesitation with municipalities still wanting to explore their own options remaining open,” according to the supervisor.

“So that’s what we’re hoping to explore at the meeting; we have to start thinking about ‘what if this doesn’t happen?’ We have to figure out how we could keep our rates within reason if we were to form a Brocton/Portland system of our own.”

Leaders in the village of Brocton are on a particularly stringent deadline too, as they will need a definitive direction for their proposed upgrade of their water plant and replacement of aging water lines feeding to their customers.

Thursday’s meeting will take place at 6:30 p.m. at the Portland Town Hall.