Cassadaga looks forward to positive changes

CASSADAGA – Many positive changes are coming to the village including the future of the old elementary school and new park lights.

Mayor LeeAnn Lazarony believes if Promise Keepers Jim Gard of Sheridan purchases the old elementary school it will bring the community together.

“He wants to make it into a recreation center,” she said. “Different agencies could come and use the building and the town might use it too.”

Lazarony added the post office showed interest in moving to the old elementary building too.

“I would like to put out there anyone interested in voicing their opinion about what happens to the building can come to the next meeting,” she said. “We don’t have a say in who buys it.”

Trustee Josh Slaven said he would like to see the building get used.

Village Clerk Roxanne Astry said it is great to get the community involved.

The board agrees it would be nice to have the post office in the old elementary school because it is easy access and better parking.

Trustee Josh Slaven brought different parking post designs to the recent meeting in order for the board to vote on which one it wanted for the park.

Lazarony wanted the Victorian style post for the park lights.

“People come through the park all the time so they need to be durable,” Slaven said. “We will have to get them high in the air.”

Slaven added any time you put up lights in the park they are subject to vandalism, which means it is a good idea to get doubles.

Village Historian John Sipos said he has enjoyed being the village historian for the past nine years.

“I completed my ninth year as historian and it has been a very interesting year,” he said. “I was listed in the OBSERVER as the Best Village Historian.”

Sipos will be appointed in April as the village historian again to continue bringing news of the rich history to residents.