Majestic birds are drawing a crowd

As long as there is ice on the lake, visitors will be coming.

Some are coming from the east, but many others are coming from the north. All are coming with one common goal: to view the bald eagles who have been spotted on Lake Erie.

As we noted nearly one month ago on Page One, the eagles have garnered plenty of attention during this cold spell. Many have not only been seen on the lake, but others are seen near the shoreline or near the power plant.

During a recent Lake Erie Bird Club meeting, it was noted that last month the birds were perched in trees on the edge of the Point Gratiot woodlot. About 40 bald eagles were observed around the harbor on Feb. 16.

News of these birds is getting out to other enthusiasts. Many from Canada are making the trip here to see the majestic bird.

So while we hope for spring, there have been some natural wonders from the winter. Just look to the skies – or the frozen waters – and you might see as well.