Another exit from high taxes

Alarm clocks have been ringing for decades, but elected leaders and many residents refuse to acknowledge the bells.

Thus, another wake-up call.

We live in one of the highest taxed counties in the nation. So what do elected officials do to fix the problem? Absolutely nothing.

We continue raising taxes. We raise fees. We make excuses.

Our area took on a lot more suffering on Wednesday morning when Con Agra announced it will be completely phasing out the Dunkirk and Fredonia plants by 2015 and relocating operations, likely to Bucknor, Ky.

For all of us in northern Chautauqua County, it’s a scary reality. First, Petri’s in Silver Creek. Then Lake Shore Health Care Center in Irving was troubled. Now, two plants – including the major Fredonia facility – are closing and the area will be left with 425 fewer jobs.

But for those of you who advocate for all numerous high-taxing entities, don’t worry. They still exist.

And, as long all those high-taxing entities remain, businesses will continue to leave.

Fredonia’s largest private employer will be gone by this time next year. Unfortunately, village Mayor Stephen Keefe thought putting the budget together for this year was tight. Wait till next February.

He ain’t seen nothing yet.