SAFE Act protesters on Route 20

SHERIDAN – Driving along Route 20 near Newell Road Wednesday, motorists saw a group of protesters. According to Bob Head, who organized the event, he decided to organize the event in support of Benjamin Wassell.

“This is us standing up for Ben and his family and standing up for our second amendment rights to bear arms and trying to get rid of the SAFE Act,” said Head. “More importantly, it’s trying to show the Wassell family that they have support and we do support them.”

Michelle Jankowiak, owner of JJ Guns, did not wish to comment on the protesters but did emphasize there are “two sides to every story.” The protesters were located across the street from the business and had been out there since early Wednesday morning.

Head organized the protest after hearing the events surrounding Wassell. Wassell was convicted of three felonies relating to illegal gun sales earlier this month.

Wassell was originally charged under the SAFE Act but those charges were dropped prior to his trial. Wassell previously brought a gun with illegal modifications into JJ Guns looking to sell, which the owners declined to buy.

“A friend of mine that I work with is good friends with the (Wassell) family. He filled me in, and I started attending the hearings … Gun owners are gun owners and we stick together,” said Head. “For a gun shop to do that to a gun owner in a small community is ridiculous in my opinion.”

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