Honey discussion Saturday in Jamestown

JAMESTOWN – Are you a beekeeper or a non-beekeeper interested in making natural products from honey? Laura Lamonica from the Chautauqua County Beekeepers Association will present a program called, “More than Honey: Products of the Hive” Saturday at 10 a.m. at the Cornell Cooperative Extension of Chautauqua County office in Jamestown.

Laura will discuss harvesting and packaging honey and some ideas for using it in cooking. She will be bringing examples of ways to package and market honey and samples to taste along with her own recipes to share.

She will demo simple beeswax candle making, including how to process wax from a hive or where to buy wax and supplies if you are not a bee keeper.

She will demo a simple ointment containing beeswax and will bring soap to show and describe the process.

Directions will be provided for making your own soap at home.

She will also touch quickly on propolis and pollen uses. Propolis, sometimes known as bee glue, is a thick, sticky resin that bees collect from tree buds and use to cement holes in the hive and defend it against invading parasites and diseases.

Join us at Cornell Cooperative Extension of Chautauqua County at 3542 Turner Road, Jamestown, Saturday from 10 a.m. to noon. Cost is $5 for this informative and interactive program.

Pre-registration is required at or by calling Cornell Cooperative Extension at 664-9502 x 217.