Company has history of flawed actions

The news of the closing of ConAgra plants in Dunkirk and Fredonia was not even a day old when the OBSERVER’s View (March 20) proclaimed that taxes were the culprit.

With a little research and observation it would not be hard to find that ConAgra has been buying brands and manufacturing plants since 1980. They, in turn, claim a reduction in consumers and close many of those plants. One would be hard pressed to find that this is nothing more than eliminating the competition.

With research you will find that the plants that have been closed were located in several of the United States and Canada.

That said, this closing is yet another example of a multi-billion dollar corporation with little regard for community or workers. The best example of this can be found in the ConAgra decision to close their plant in Garner, N.C. This plant had an explosion that killed four workers and injured several more. Production resumed after the devastation but total repair was affecting the bottom line and the place was closed within a year.

ConAgra has a long history of safety, environmental and illegal activities. They have bribed federal inspectors, closed plants after tax incentives and fee exemptions were given, and accused as one of the many corporate criminals.

Corporate greed has hit home. The rich will get richer; the middle-class worker and taxpayer will take another blow and all we will hear from some of our community leaders and the OBSERVER is how the taxes drove another business out.

Our communities will not change until we start putting more effort and dollars in promoting our area resources such as rail, highway, water and services. And until we start promoting that we have a hard-working labor force.

ConAgra did to our community and their workers what corporate America has been doing to so many communities. Leaving devastation and gutting the middle class. And yet those with blinders on will buy the notion that it was all about the taxes.

Michael Edwards is a Dunkirk resident.