County change was needed


We have recently become acquainted with the Gowanda Nursing Home. Having had experience with other nursing homes, we were astounded at the way the employees there are. Everyone is amazing. They treat the patients like actual people who need care rather than bodies filling a bed.

It is not uncommon to walk into the room and find the charge nurse there rubbing the arm of a patient and talking to him even though he is unable to communicate.

Their rehab department has gotten the muscles in a tightened shoulder to relax enough to be able to put a shirt back on him. His legs are now almost straight from being in a fetal position prior. No more bed sores. The doctor calls to discuss him with his wife. They are also able to treat medical problems rather than having to send him off to the hospital for every little thing.

You can rave about the County Home all you want to but I talk to people who don’t dare say anything because they are afraid their relative will take the brunt of complaints they might make.

What the County Home needs is new management. If selling it gets that done maybe it will be as good as Gowanda is.