Barmore discusses motorcycle registration, riding course information

MAYVILLE – As the weather begins its slow warm up, Chautauqua County Clerk Larry Barmore is reminding motorcycle riders to get their registration renewals into the local DMV office before the April 30 deadline.

“All motorcycle registrations expire on April 30 so we want to remind the riders, while they’re cleaning and tuning their bikes for the upcoming season, take a minute and renew your registration at the local DMV office now,” Barmore said. “It only takes a minute to mail or drop off your renewal at the local DMV and in many cases, the renewal can be processed immediately and you can walk out the door with your new sticker in hand.”

Barmore also noted, with a relatively short riding season, bikers don’t want to lose time waiting for the renewal to come in the mail when they renewed online.

“Too often we have customers come in to our local office because they renewed online and haven’t received their new registration prior to the expiration of the old one,” said Barmore. “It’s much easier to just use the local office to begin with and save the hassle and stress. A portion of the money from your renewal stays right here in Chautauqua County to help our local economy and you can be sure to get your new registration much quicker than doing it online.”

Those interested in learning how to ride and getting their motorcycle license can take a course offered through the New York State Motorcycle Safety Program. Complete information can be found on their website at

“It’s important for people to learn how to ride the right way,” Barmore said. “Motorcycle riders are more susceptible to injuries and death from even relatively minor accidents. This course teaches people how to ride safely and defensively and reduce the risk of avoidable mishaps.”

Riders can mail their motorcycle registration renewals to any of the three DMV offices at: Mayville DMV, 7 N. Erie St., Mayville 14757; Jamestown DMV, 110 E. 4th St., Jamestown 14701; Dunkirk DMV, 3988 Vineyard Drive, Dunkirk 14048.