When drunk driving goes unpunished

Drunk driving is a terrible crime, especially when the drunk leaves the scene of a personal injury accident. That in itself is a terrible tragedy, especially when the drunk is an official trusted by the people.

This happens quite too often, and what is worse is when there is no punishment for this crime. The drunk gets away with his crime because of his or her official status. Anyone else would go to jail.

What’s worse is the drunk continues on with his or her life in the same status they were when this crime occurred. Some who survive their own stupidity sometimes want to try to forget what they did and try to take their own life. Those victims who also survived have to live with that ordeal for the rest of their lives, hopefully with no scars to remember how stupid a drunk driver was in the first place.

These are everyday occurrences because it seems that our judicial system has broken down when the drunk is either an official or a famous actor. This whole system needs to be fixed.

We should be able to take those drunks off the road and give them the punishment that they deserve. There is too much favoritism in our judicial system. Why should those who are not popular or in the limelight be sentenced to jail while others go free with no punishment for their crimes?

It’s not fair, but it continues to go on and on with no one caring. I think some of our judges in this country have been in office so long that they think that they are invincible. That attitude could be their downfall, hopefully.

Richard Makuch is a Dunkirk resident. Send comments to