April 2 public hearing slated for Brocton rate increase

BROCTON – With a new sewer plant in place operating for village of Brocton customers, rate payers can anticipate an increase of rates.

During Wednesday’s meeting of the Village of Brocton Board of Trustees, Mayor Dave Hazelton proposed an increase of .10/1,000 gallons of water; and an increase of 1.5 percent from 1.25 percent on the sewer service’s rent fee; $25 from $22.75 in unit fees; and $3.53 per 1,000 gallons, up from $3.03, for sewer rates.

An April 2 public hearing has been slated for the proposed increase beginning at 6:30 p.m., as well as for the purpose of the 2014/2015 budget, which was presented to the village clerk last week.

The mayor explained, “We have three years of payments on the old and the new debt service and need to keep our budget balanced. Permanent financing on the new debt service can drop down a bit.”

If everything is operational at the plant before September, he explained, the village can then request to go to permanent financing and save on any interest costs of bond payments, nearing $30,000.

In other matters, the mayor congratulated Sheila Lawrence for her efforts to secure a trustee position in Brocton.

“I’d like to thank you Sheila for taking an interest and putting your name out there and I hope that you continue to stay involved, and I would also like to congratulate trustee elect Brian Woleben on winning the election.”

Lawrence expressed her satisfaction to the trustees about getting out into the community and interacting with voters and asked the board if the idea of having a village-run trash pick-up has ever been looked into.

The mayor answered that he had checked with the communities of Westfield, Silver Creek and Sinclairville who currently operate their own waste pick-up service.

“From what I have found it looks to be a fairly expensive proposition and the problem with that is we would have to underwrite the cost of the program with tax dollars until everyone took part in it; it wouldn’t just pay for itself,” added Hazelton.

Since the trustees officially presented Village Clerk Karen Ardillo with a preliminary budget Wednesday, the mayor stated for the next budget year, it might be worth making room to obtain quotes on what it would cost to initiate the pick-up service.

Trustee Gary Planty added, “We have worked on our local law for garbage disposal to give our code enforcement officer a little more leverage to enforce the law concerning trash issues. And if there is a reportable nuisance, the code enforcement officer is able to take care of that.”

Fellow trustee Dale Van Vlack also pointed out, “just because you have a pick-up system in place doesn’t mean there won’t still be garbage remaining outdoors or on porches.”

In other matters, the board of trustees accepted with regret the resignation of village office staff member Sonia Lusczak, effective April 11.

Streets Superintendent Tom Allen also reported to board members, that he and Trustee Planty will be attending a grant opportunity workshop in an effort to gain some knowledge about sidewalk replacement options.