Pay hikes come at wrong time

Some county legislators, especially those from the north side, are getting the message when it comes to proposed pay raises.

Businesses, such as Carriage House, are set to leave the area. Who is going to be left to pay for salary increases?

According to the proposal, the total cost of the six-year contract, ending in 2017, is $1.7 million for county jail employees. It does not include retroactive pay increases for 2012-13 and is not subject to binding arbitration. Two percent pay increases are included for years 2014-17.

The three committee members who voted “no” include Legislators John Runkle, Shaun Heenan and George Borrello.

Now the issue will come before the full Legislature on Wednesday. A Legislature that needs to remember that the region is on pace to lose almost 1,000 jobs since the start of 2013.

Job retention, for now, needs to be a priority. Pay raises, unfortunately, have to wait.