Seneca Nation to pay for Silver Creek School Resource Officer

MAYVILLE – Silver Creek may soon have a new way to pay for a school resource officer.

During the County Legislature’s Public Safety Committee meeting, Sheriff Joe Gerace was present to discuss the majority of the committee’s agenda items, one of which involved a grant award with the county from the Seneca Nation of Indians for the purpose of funding a full-time school resource officer at Silver Creek Central School District.

The Seneca Nation of Indians will provide funding up to $400,000 for a contract period from March 1, 2014 through Dec. 31, 2016.

“We previously had a school resource officer at Silver Creek, paid for with federal funding, which ended,” Gerace said. “This will give us an opportunity to fill the position and covers all expenses.”

“That’s a significant grant,” said Terry Niebel, R-Sheridan.

Another grant announced by Gerace was from the New York State STOP-DWI Foundation in the amount of $48,576 to last through Sept. 30.

“A series of dates through the calendar year have been specified for extra DWI patrol,” Gerace said. “The cost of adding patrol on these particular dates is paid for by the grant.”

No local share is involved with the funding.

Authorization for an agreement between the county and the town of Mina for court security was discussed.

Mina requested that the Office of the Sheriff provide part-time deputy sheriffs for security detail on designated court nights for a period lasting through the end of the year at an estimated cost not to exceed $3,000 based on an hourly rate of $27.64.

“They (the town) pay the full cost,” Gerace said. “Because of the location of some of these courts, we’re seeing more requests for court security detail.”

In other business the committee discussed a grant from the New York Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Services in the amount of $93,515 for a period lasting through April 15, 2015.

“This grant is used to reimburse expenses for providing 911 services,” Gerace said. “It’s very restrictive and will be used for technology and software.”

The state collects $1.20 in surcharges per month from those with phone services, totaling $9 million per year. Portions are then redistributed to municipalities in the form of grants.

“This is more than we were receiving previously,” Gerace added. “The major cost of running a 911 center is personnel, and this grant can’t be used for personnel. We’re very restricted in what we can use the money for.”

Lastly, Pat Cook, principal account clerk, approached the committee to discuss purchasing equipment for the county hazmat team, which works with the county SWAT team.

A trust fund was set up by the county in 1991 and has since received more than $50,000 in gifts and donations. Over the years, almost $41,000 has been used to purchase new equipment for hazmat and other county teams.

“We haven’t spent anything since 2001, and we’re going to transfer $9,364 to provide equipment for special volunteers involved with the hazmat team,” Cook said.

“The piece behind this has to do with a lot of drug activity and the SWAT team has gone out and had to call the hazmat team,” said PJ Wendel, R-Lakewood. “They work very well together.”

All resolutions will be voted on by the full County Legislature at Wednesday’s regular meeting in the legislative chambers of the Gerace Office Building at 6:30 p.m.