Our thanks to an owner

Thank you Ralph C. Wilson Jr.

Thank you for:

Purchasing the Bills and allowing the team to be in Buffalo.

Your commitment to Western New York, in never moving the team to a different city.

Your commitment to the American Football League, which became a part of the National Football League.

Your service to our country in World War II.

Establishing summer training camps at Fredonia State in the 1980s and ’90s.

Allowing us to share in big-league excitement for 16 weeks each year.

Sunny and warm – as well as extremely cold – Sunday afternoons at the stadium.

Some rare, and memorable, Monday night games.

Excitement of Super Bowls, playoff games and miracle comebacks.

Gatherings with friends and family around the television for away games.

Allowing Western New York to become united in cheering on the team.

Fantastic tailgate parties.

Thrilling finishes.

Hope for next year.

Rest in peace. We all appreciate the 54 years of memories associated with the Buffalo Bills.