School #7 holds math-a-thon

School #7 students in kindergarten through 5th grade are participating in the math-a-thon. Math-a-thon is a free, education-based program for grades K-8 that benefits St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital while helping kids improve their math skills. The program is designed to complement existing curriculums while teaching students the importance of helping others.

Elementary Principal Michele Heenan was proud to announce, “This is the 10th year that School Seven has participated in the Math-a-thon.”

Several additional activities were held to raise money; a crazy hat day and a basketball hoop shoot. Students donated one dollar to participate in each activity.

Students were asked to use their imagination and create a crazy hat. SUNY Fredonia students judged the hats and picked the top five craziest hats. Crazy hat winners were Rylin Pencek, Ella Purol, Jayne Gavin, Nate Gavin, Marjorie Barreto, and Jade Simmons.

Basketball hoop shoot winners were: Talan Pierce, Naida Almestica. Bryson Raynor, Jamil Shelton, Julio Morales and Brooke Szymczak. The students who won made the most baskets in their grade level.