Some of the best, worst of the week

Here are some of the best – and worst – of the week:


SWIFT SUCCESS – Readers of the OBSERVER sports pages may remember the success over the years of Hannah (Swift) Turner when she played for the Fredonia Hillbillies. From there, she joined the Houghton College soccer team and eventually went on and played for the Charlotte Lady Eagles, a pro-am team that is part of the United Soccer Leagues’ W-League. Her playing days ended in 2011, but today she is still connected to the team, serving as the team’s Women’s Ministry Coordinator and as its Assistant General Manager. Her duties are plenty and her position gives her the opportunity to travel around the globe. Last year she helped coaches and pastors in Kenya. “I see myself doing sports ministry and using soccer as a platform for the rest of my life,” she said. We applaud Hannah for all her hard work and dedication to not only soccer but to investing in other people.

SYFY APPEARANCE – Congratulations to former Collins resident Chaz Vance, who appeared this past week on “Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge” reality series on the cable network Syfy. Vance was one of 10 contestants on the reality show. Unfortunately for Vance, he was the first one voted off. But if you saw the show and were able to see the sea creature that he and his assigned partner made, it was pretty amazing. It’s too bad he won’t be on the show in future episodes, but you can tell Vance has a lot of talent and will continue to use it professionally.

HIGH RANKING – Congratulations to the town of Chautauqua for being named by The Smithsonian Magazine as the top small town to visit in 2014. The distinction has mainly to do with Chautauqua Institution, with all of its symphonies, lectures, ballets, shows and more. This ranking is truly an honor.


SILENT TREATMENT – A lawsuit has been filed against Gowanda Mayor Heather McKeever by Officer Jen Alessi, who has served as the school resource officer. After the lawsuit was filed, Mrs. Alessi’s husband Joe Alessi was demoted from his position as Officer in Charge. On Tuesday, the village board met. Unfortunately, the village attorney was not able to attend, due to a death in the family. Even though the attorney wasn’t present, it still seems like McKeever should have said something. The move to demote Joseph Alessi appears vengeful and McKeever said nothing to change anyone’s opinion.