Pine Valley still has $500,000+ budget gap

SOUTH DAYTON – The Pine Valley Board of Education is still trying to bridge a budget gap. Through budget revisions, the district has a projected budget gap of $555,550 which is a decrease from $669,591 in the first draft of the budget, according to Business Administrator Deanna Schettine.

Schettine presented the board of education with several options that could be looked at to save money and close the budget gap. Options include possible eliminations of one full-time equivalent of a CTE teacher, one FTE school counselor, a .5 FTE school psychologist and a .5 FTE typist position in the bus garage. All of these reductions would total $168,542.

“This is not fun. It’s to the point of what kind of program we want for our students,” Superintendent Pete Morgante said.

The district could also give a retirement incentive for five FTE employees which would be a savings of $160,000. The district could also eliminate two staff development days for 13 aides, a savings of $3,853. If the district were to eliminate a school counselor position, there would be a counselor in K-8 and one for grades 9-12.

There was concern about reducing the school psychologist down to part time. Director of Special Education Beth Rich said the psychologist is involved in the committee for special education as well as performing student evaluations. If the district could contract with BOCES for the position, up to $30,000 in salary expenses is eligible for aid. Morgante said the district is having trouble finding a full-time psychologist currently.

The board of education suggested looking into eliminating the staff development days, cutting one school counselor and a typist position. The district said they would like to look into other options for a school psychologist, even possibly sharing the position with another district, before making any decision. The district would also like to save the teaching position, if possible. The board of education will have final scenarios presented to them at the next board meeting on April 3.

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