Fredonia mayor declares April Earth, Young Child month

Fredonia Mayor Stephen Keefe has issued two proclamations declaring the month of April as the Month of the Young Child and Earth Month.

“By calling attention to programs presently in place in the county which strive to meet the needs of young children and their families, these groups hope to improve the quality of existing programs and the level of support for the programs, and to raise awareness of the issues and needs facing our youngest citizens,” the proclamation states. “These improved efforts will ensure that our young children, regardless of social or economic status, will reach their full potential.”

Keefe is calling on all village residents to support and encourage all agencies working for the well-being of young children in the area.

Earth Month, according to Keefe, is a full month of activities directed for the advancement of eradicating environmental apathy through awareness, knowledge, education, stewardship and activism toward local and global environmental issues and is accomplished in Fredonia to better the quality of life and education.

“Earth Month is intended to promote and focus on the positive process of communication, cooperation and collaboration between K through 12 students, teachers, faculty, parents, colleges and universities, corporations, communities and government,” the proclamation states. “Earth Month is a prime opportunity for colleges and universities to become extensively involved in their communities, by assisting K through 12 schools with the next generation of science standards and environmental activities leaving no student inside, effectively preparing young students for their future, no matter the path they choose.”

In 1970, Brad Follett, a freshman student at Fredonia High School, founded Earth Month.