Hanover project moving forward

HANOVER – After more than a year of planning, the veteran’s memorial project has started moving along.

Hanover Town Councilman Wayne Ashley, who first proposed the project, reported the first informational meeting on the project had a good turnout.

“All things considered it was a good turnout. We had a good discussion and we went over the engineering plans. We compared the engineer’s plans to my original idea and we determined my idea was better,” he said.

In July 2012 an engineer, who was also a disabled veteran, volunteered to do engineering for the project for free. Ashley’s original idea was to place headstones representing each branch of the military with the symbol for that branch and a flag behind the stone in a semi circle outside the town hall on Hanover Street.

Ashley said he intends to go to the school to see if a student can make his drawing of the proposed monument look more official.

He said he will also be drafting a letter to veterans’ organizations to ask for donations for the project. A benefit meat raffle has also been planned for May 17 at the Silver Creek Firemen’s Club to help fund the project.

“We have gotten started. … This has been rolling around in my head for the past a year and a half and now we are going to get it on paper and finally do it,” Ashley added.

The next meeting on the project has been scheduled for April 2 at 2 p.m. in the supervisor’s office in the town hall. Ashley said an account will be established either at the town hall or the bank to accept donations by the meeting on April 2.