Voting: Taking step for involvement

There’s more to politics than just pulling a lever at the voting booth. It starts with being an engaged voter, not just voting the party line.

In recent months, the county Board of Elections has made an effort to reach out to a younger population – one that is often criticized for a lack of civic involvement. According to the board, some of those area youth are ready to be a part of the democratic process.

This week, the board reported 619 new voter registrants have been signed up, topping last year’s number of 374. Districts who participated and their numbers include: Falconer 109, Dunkirk 84, Jamestown 72, Southwestern 56, Silver Creek 44, Forestville 32.

Also, Cassadaga Valley 31, Maple Grove 26, Clymer 25, Pine Valley 22, Panama 22, Frewsburg 20, Chautauqua Lake 19, Brocton 16, BOCES North (LoGuidice) 12, BOCES South (Hewes) 11, Fredonia 9, Westfield 7 and Sherman 2.

Some of the newfound interest, especially in smaller districts, may deal with state budget issues and how it affects students and their schools.

If that is what gets these students involved, that’s OK. Recent election results show there’s a need for improvement when it comes to involvement in voting.