Why not cut some of the costs?

Common Council member Stacy Szukala made a solid point in regard to spending on Tuesday. In years past, maybe the city of Dunkirk could have afforded to pay $30,000 for fireworks.

Today, as the economy continues its slow pace, it is not so simple.

“Some of (the businesses) are struggling right now,” Szukala said. “For me, I’d like to see us change that to $25,000 but I think that I might be the only one here wishing to do so. Time is of the essence, if we don’t vote on this this evening it’s possible that we won’t have a fireworks display moving forward.”

Council, in a not-so-surprising vote, agreed to spend the full $30,000 on lights for the sky by a 3-1 vote.

Glad the city continues to watch every cent … go up in smoke.