Cassadaga residents fed up

CASSADAGA – Noise complaints, pump problems and basketball courts were the top concerns of the evening.

The Cassadaga Village Board welcomed guests and their concerns during Wednesday night’s meeting.

Resident Barry Wilcox brought in a pleading letter addressing the board to allow some sort of relief to all the noise he and others endure.

“He (The Red House owner, Steve Wickmark) uses the house for weddings and parties, which go on long on the weekends,” he said. “The noise makes it impossible for me to sit on my deck; I can’t escape the noise.”

“We can hear the noise in our bedroom, which lasts until 2 a.m.,” he continued. “We hear yelling, swearing, partying and slamming doors.”

Wilcox labeled the entire experience as obnoxious – not just for him, but for the whole neighborhood.

“He (Wickmark) has booked every weekend for the entire summer,” he said. “I know he is doing it for the youth and it is a great cause, but I don’t need to listen to all that noise until 2 a.m.”

Wilcox was upset that Wickmark confronted him about this concern.

“Tonight (Wednesday) I was confronted by him, accusing me of back stabbing him,” he said. “I think this was totally wrong.”

According to Wilcox, the noise complaint is just the tip of the iceberg. The Red House also poses a fire hazard with over 50 Chinese lanterns being sent up in the air during these parties.

“I get along with my neighbors, but this has gone too far,” Wilcox said. “This has become a quality-of-life issue.”

The board brought up its own concerns about the pumps.

Trustee Mike Lehnen is fed up with Stearns and Wheler Engineer Greg McCorkhill not fixing the pumps, this being the third time the pumps failed in six months.

“The workmanship on the pumps is atrocious,” he said. “I have been questioning Greg on the pumps for six months; the pumps are not right.”

Trustee Ron Dechard echoed the same complaint.

“I am about done with this pump issue,” he said. “We have been more than patient.”

Superintendent of Public Works Tom Fetter agreed with the pump problem.

“The pump is set at 20 gallons a day, when only two gallons goes down,” he said. “This is ridiculous.”

Resident Susan Sipos brought up her own concerns about bubbles in the water.

“Bubbles in the water is another thing making me upset,” Lehnen said. “This is a pump we didn’t even want; with all the problems we have had, Greg should put in a new pump at no additional cost to us.”

Lehnen explained the water is going into the chlorine instead of the chlorine going into the water, creating a huge mess.

“I have had it with the workmanship,” he said. “It is time to take action.”

Resident Rudy Abersold believes the board should not pay for the capital project with this many problems.

“Don’t pay if you have that many problems,” he said. “Stay on the million dollar man; a million of our taxpayer dollars has gone into this project.”

Abersold does not think it is fair to make Fetter fix McCorkhill’s problem.

Resident Loren Smith brought in documents concerning the basketball court in the village.

“Months ago we asked to have the basketball court sealed,” he said. “We came up with funds to build the court and we raised money to have it sealed.”

Smith noted he had quotes from people interested in doing the project.

“We have an almost $20,000 investment; parents raised the money and gave it to the village to seal the court,” he said. “It is a small price to pay to protect the investment.”