LVCC chooses Volunteer of the Year

Literacy Volunteers of Chautauqua County (LVCC) recently honored its Volunteer of the Year for 2013, Odette Hice. Hice started at LVCC in 2008, when she was hired as the part-time office assistant. In addition, she took on tutoring roles, working with adults learning English as a second language, and adults working toward a GED. Odette’s background made her a perfect match for tutoring, with undergraduate majors in Education and Psychology, and a master’s degree with a concentration in human resources.

Because of financial cuts at LVCC, Odette made a move to volunteering at LVCC in 2012. Currently, she tutors four students, more than any other volunteer. She also volunteers at the bookstore at 21 East 2nd Street, Dunkirk, on Saturday mornings, and serves on the Board of Directors for LVCC.

“I have met an enormous amount of wonderful students,” Odette said. “I think I always get the most dedicated, pleasant students. They make everything worthwhile. Teaching was my first love and I’m happy to continue it now. The people I’ve met at LVCC, including the other tutors, just complement my life so much.”

21 East Bookstore, located at 21 E. 2nd St., Dunkirk is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. each Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. (Use the Washington Street entrance.) Individuals interested in becoming a tutor, or receiving tutoring may call LVCC at 366-4438 or send an e-mail to