State missing economic boom

Yes, I am amazed. It’s like an oxymoron. The governing powers in New York state are charged with the responsibility of maintaining a fiscal policy that is consistent with the needs of mandates that they so cleverly instigated. Then they want to legalize marijuana and not allow drilling for gas and oil. Economics rule the world. When are the liberal environmentalists going to wake up to that fact so our economy will improve?

I recently talked with a couple who were not from some foreign country, they were from North Dakota. They read the papers and listen to the news on TV. They chuckle with pity for the citizens of New York state being “hog washed” by the Prophets of Doomsday rant with their climate change rhetoric.

They talked about the economy of North Dakota, where the cost of living is high and a person who works for McDonald’s makes $18 an hour. Minimum wage that Obama wants has no relevance to them. Now, as my new friends told me, they are able to escape the very cold winters and relax in the sun in Arizona.

They remember the hard times when making a living from their farms to feed their families was precarious to say the least. Does that sound familiar? They were given the chance with the gas and oil below their uncertain crops to improve their prospects.

I can’t speak for the farmers in New York state, but if I were one I would be furious with those who live in the big city, east of us, controlling our destiny. They are not the only ones who appear to dislike those who want to survive and end up making more money than they do.

Instead of more pipe lines transferring oil and gas, lines emerge in Albany carrying the wrong reasons for improving our economy. If you are not on the taxpayer payroll you are doomed; if you stay in New York and matter of fact, you will be doomed even if you are on that payroll.

The oil and gas below us could possibly help solve some of our financial problems. Those who are responsible for maintaining fiscal responsibilities should be on the side that can do them the most good. Not those who think or are told other wise by some academics that couldn’t care less.

In a letter to this newspaper, Robert Reuther wrote the most profound and intelligent letter on this subject. To paraphrase his letter he stated that there are risks in whatever we do on this earth. There have been risks taken in almost everything that has sustained our economy and our country since our nation was founded.

I could go on about the resiliency of the American people like before and after World War II. The Japanese that knew what America was capable of were certain their cause would fail. It wasn’t the poets or philosophers that thought of ways and means to get the job done. It was the engineers that made the plans and the workers that got it done.

So listen to the American petroleum engineers, the geologist and the technicians; they are the experts. Get together and make the ground rules, but let them do their job so we all will benefit.

Jack Benson is a Fredonia resident.