JBC program focuses on health, wellness

JAMESTOWN – Jamestown Business College students, faculty and staff have been walking with purpose over the past weeks as they participated in “JBC on the Move” at the college.

Successful U., JBC’s student success program, emphasizes health and wellness as important pieces of a student’s overall success. As part of that effort, students, faculty, and staff have been active in “JBC on the Move” a part of the “America on the Move” program. AOM encourages participants to improve health and quality of life by promoting healthful eating and active living.

As part of the program at JBC, participating students, faculty and staff received pedometers and were asked to take as many steps as possible throughout their day.

Students have also enjoyed healthy snacks and group meetings at various points throughout the challenge as a means of kick-starting healthier habits overall.

JBC faculty member Pamela Reese said that it was energizing to see so many students get on board so quickly.

“As soon as the challenge started, students were encouraging each other, and, of course, competing. It is nice when that competition can be aimed toward healthy living and wellness,” Reese said.

The challenge will continue at JBC until April 16.

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