$1,000 and no local programming

Ever since new people have taken over Access 12 TV and have been receiving $1,000 a month of taxpayers’ money, viewers have been watching less.

First, there are no local events programmed like in the past. In other words, there is nothing worth watching like in the past. Now, let’s get down to the really important issue: the pre-programming of the City of Dunkirk Council meetings. This in itself is very upsetting. There is no reason that we have to watch Council meetings that already have occurred. Whoever is in charge of this mess had better get it right or petitions will be gathered from residents of this city as to our dissatisfaction and displeasure of this new arrangement that has been made.

Watching this city channel is very upsetting. Good money spent on nothing. We had better programming with Christa Haynes and Danny Magill. They did a lot better job and didn’t get paid for it like these guys are getting.

I have been told that the previous group had a 16-year-old running the station at one time. I think the City Council needs to answer these questions once and for all. If not, I will be attending the council meetings until we receive those answers.

There is no reason that the City Council meetings cannot be recorded on the same day of the meetings and I cannot understand why the City Council tolerates this kind of reporting. It’s very obvious that this group running our local TV channel really doesn’t know what it is doing. But they are still received $1,000 a month of taxpayer’s money. Something has to be done and decisions must be made by this council to change this whole format of local broadcasting.

Right now, it is a mess. I will not go away on this issue.

Richard Makuch is a Dunkirk resident. Send comments to editorial@observertoday.com