The Resource Center makes big impression at national conference

The Resource Center played a large role at the Therap National Confer-ence, held recently in Kansas City.

Two self-advocates (Henry Wesley and Jennifer Yost) and Ms. Yost’s mother, Joan, gave a presentation on how they use Therap and how it has impacted their lives. Therap is a web-based organization that provides an integrated solution for documentation, reporting and communication needs of agencies providing support to people with developmental disabilities. Offering an alternative to the immense amount of paperwork that is done manually by care providers, Therap provides a way for families to stay apprised of any issues that arise with regard to their loved ones. And as Wesley and Ms. Yost demonstrated, people with disabilities also are able to effectively use Therap.

Letisha Echevarria, The Resource Center’s Therap administrator, also participated in the conference presentation, which included video of other Therap users at The Resource Center.

“I believe the presentation from Henry, Jenn, Joan, and I inspired many other Therap users,” Ms. Echevarria reported. “Throughout the conference, many other agencies approached us, asking questions and asking for advice on how to take this back to their agency.”

“The responses from the attendees at the presentation were great. Jennifer was complimented many times during the day,” Joan Yost said. “Many people said they wanted to take the information back to their areas. They thought it would be wonderful if their residents could participate on Therap.”

Therap officials also were favorably impressed by the presentation. “It’s hard to explain quite how inspiring it was to see folks who have worked so hard to achieve remarkable things in their lives tell a spellbound audience that they are making even greater strides because they use Therap,” Justin Brockie, Therap’s chief operating officer, posted on his blog.

“Next time someone tells you that their staff can’t use Therap, or it doesn’t make sense to share data with families or individuals, I would suggest that you introduce them to Henry, Jennifer, Joan, or some of the other folks from Jamestown who presented via video,” Brockie wrote.

“Going to the national conference for Henry was really a dream come true,” John Vogan, TRC residence coordinator, said of Wesley’s experience. “One of his valued outcomes was to take his self-advocacy presentation out of state. I met with him after he returned and was just very happy.”

Indeed, despite some travel delays on the way to Kansas City, Wesley enjoyed the experience.

“I have just been invited to go to Lake George for the NYSACRA Therap conference in April and to another Therap conference in New Jersey in May,” Wesley wrote on his web site. “I feel very lucky to have been chosen to be a spokesman for Therap and thank them for allowing me to do so.”

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