Village of Gowanda addresses pothole problem

GOWANDA – The pothole problem in Gowanda was discussed at a recent village board workshop.

Wayne Stephen, of Wayne Concrete, spoke about the many potholes on Buffalo Street along with Highway Superintendent Gary Denea.

Buffalo Street has been closed to all traffic, except residents who live there, for the past month due to the amount and severity of the potholes.

Instead of using traditional asphalt to fix the roads, Stephen and his company use a type of roller-compacted concrete. Although the RCC is not as attractive as traditional blacktop and looks like white blacktop, Stephen said it is durable. Stephen also said the RCC can be placed before summer.

“It’s stronger than any product on the market,” he said. “The concrete is going to be stronger to hold the load.”

The village board did not come to a decision regarding the matter during the meeting. The village board announced the first large trash pickup will be on April 14. No tires or TVs will be collected. Village Clerk Kathy Mohawk reminded residents they are allowed to dispose of eight tires off the rims per year at the sewer plant. Residents will need to pick up a card from the village clerk.