Grangers learn about Eastern Monarch butterflies

David O’Donnell and Alexis Machelor of the Eastern Monarch Butterfly Farm in Clarence recently revealed to Fredonia Grange members and guests a swamp milkweed seed cookie made in the shape of a butterfly. The pair stated that the cookie consisted of seeds of the Eastern Monarch’s favorite food, swamp milkweed, imbedded in recycled paper mesh which decomposes when the cookie is broken up to start new seedlings in suitable soil.

O’Donnell and Machelor further related the importance of the Eastern Monarch to the overall environment with its numbers dwindling due to various factors and its winter habitat in the mountains of Mexico shrinking from 15 to only three acres.

Learn more about the Eastern Monarch butterfly through finding the farm on Facebook or viewing Fredonia Grange’s exhibit at the Chautauqua County Fair in July.