Pothole repairs a concern for Gowanda Village Board

GOWANDA – As the season comes to an end, the damage caused by this year’s brutal winter is evident. Streets throughout the village of Gowanda are riddled with potholes, so bad in some parts as to cause one street to be closed to traffic.

The Gowanda Village Board recently met and discussed the issue of potholes within the village. One village street, Buffalo Street between Sandhill Road and Aldrich Street, has been closed for over a month because of the number of potholes. Since there are plenty of other streets within the village with numerous potholes, Trustee Carol Sheibley brought up the idea of possibly borrowing money.

“Do you think it would be feasible, since we have so many streets that are in such bad shape, to prioritize (streets for repair) and maybe take out a bond to fix all of the streets? I just think we have a really huge list here …,” Sheibley said.

Mayor Heather McKee-ver said the idea of taking out a bond makes sense due to the amount of roads requiring repair this year. Roads that have been affected by potholes include Aldrich, High, Hill, Perry, North Water, Center, College, Palmer, Miller and Beech streets, and Erie Avenue.

Without acquiring a bond, there may be additional state funding available. According to Sheibley, Gov. Andrew Cuomo has allocated more funding to the CHIPS program. The governor is expected to give $40 million in additional funds to be divided among more than 1,000 municipalities, Sheibley said. The village could see between $20,000 and $25,000 in funding potentially.

“I just think it makes sense to evaluate the worst streets and get a price on those. I think a question would be if any of our CHIPS money could be used (for repair),” Sheibley said.

While Buffalo Street has been closed, McKeever wondered what the village could do to temporarily get the road back open, asking if the village could patch the road for now until it could be permanently fixed.

McKeever would like to discuss options with Highway Supervisor Gary Denea to see what can be done to allow residents to travel on the street. The village will also look into what available options are out there for road repairs and funding options.

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