Public presentations given by 4-H members

Cornell Cooperative Extension of Chautauqua County 4-H Youth Development Program held its annual Chautauqua County 4-H Presentation Day recently at the Cassadaga Valley Central School. Youth presented information on topics ranging from agriculture and animal by-products to hunting and Greek mythology.

Presentations were 5 to 15 minutes in length depending on age and experience. Each presenter was evaluated on a number of criteria. The delivery and subject of the speech was judged on proper use of equipment and visual aids, efficient organization, proper grammar and vocabulary, understanding of the subject matter, and that the presentation had one main theme with logical steps. The presenter was also evaluated on neatness and appropriate dress, eye contact, volume and rate of voice, posture and poise, enthusiasm, and response to audience questions. Each participant was evaluated by a team of two judges who are 4-H adult volunteers.

4-Her’s were awarded a blue, red or white ribbon for excellent, good and worthy presentations. Each presenter was evaluated using the Danish System and scored based on personal age and abilities, rather than compared to other participants.

Cloverbud participants were: Brady Pollack, Angola; Addalyn Sturges, Panama; Jaidyn Newhouse, Ashville; and Callie Grupa Jillian Grupa, Nicholas Lawson and Mary Lawson all from Forestville.

Seven youth were selected for outstanding awards which includes an opportunity to participate in a District Presentation Contest on Saturday, April 26 in Erie County. The most outstanding 2014 County presenters are: Emily Brown, Fredonia; Brittany Woodard, Stockton; Andrew Waag, Cassadaga; Elizabeth Comstock, Panama; Andria Swiderski, Jamestown; Marissa Burr, Fredonia; and Andrea Smith, Fredonia. The alternates are Tesika Kilmer, Kennedy; and Max Comstock, Gowanda.