Cassadaga reappoints village historian

CASSADAGA – After nine years as the village historian John Sipos wasn’t ready to give it up.

During a recent Cassadaga Village Board meeting, Sipos was reappointed the official village historian for his 10th year.

“I was going to bring some of my notebooks to show the board,” he said. “… but I would need a very large cart.”

Sipos’s next big project is to put up historical markers along specific historical places in the village.

“Hanover has put up about five of them,” he said.

Sipos joked the village would say he was wrong right away when he puts up the historical markers.

“The first house in Cassadaga was a log cabin on what is now Lake Avenue,” he said.

Before he starts making the markers, Sipos wants to come up with a few big places

He doesn’t just bury himself in documents; he gets involved in the community. Sipos always brings excitement and honesty to the role.

“The library walkathon will start and end at the library this year,” he said. “We won’t need the beach this year.”

Sipos asked the board if he could borrow the “Best of December in Cassadaga” board he made so he could show it off. The board approved as long as he gave it back.

Sipos added his ninth year of being a historian was a very interesting year. He was listed as the top ten best village historians in a recent article in the OBSERVER.

“There has been a lot of interest in Cassadaga,” he said. “It was really interesting gathering history on the Cassadaga Railroad Station.”

Sipos takes great joy in discovering hidden treasures in the village and he will continue to do so.