Gowanda discusses adult education

GOWANDA – Adult education was a topic of brief discussion at a recent Gowanda Board of Education meeting.

Board member Mark Nephew brought up the topic near the end of the meeting.

Adults in the community can utilize the school’s pool for a minimal fee of $5. Nephew brought up the matter for the board to potentially discuss in the future. The board did not make any decision on if or when the matter would be discussed in the future.

Nephew said the fees for the program either come out of taxpayers’ pockets or participants of the program. Business Administrator Joelle Woodward said the program is not supposed to have a financial impact to the district.

“The classes are supposed to be self-sustaining. One program is not supposed to support another program,” Woodward said.

The board of education also accepted the resignation of Danielle Stebbins as a substitute teacher, ap-pointed Tamara Budziszew-ski as a substitute food service helper and a substitute school monitor and appointed Dale Flagler as a substitute school monitor.

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