Route 60 traffic light denied

The Town of Dunkirk got a thumbs-down on the proposal for a new light on the dangerous intersection of Route 60 (Bennett Road) and Williams Street.

During a recent town board meeting, the supervisor shared a letter he received from the State Department of Transportation.

After a lengthy investigation by the Department of Transportation, the request was denied.

Town Supervisor Richard Purol wanted the public to know he did try to get the light put up.

“The bad news is we won’t get the light,” he said. “The good news is they will do something.”

DOT is willing to put up warning signs on Bennett Road and add “cross traffic does not stop” on the already existing stop signs on Williams Street.

Purol gave the OBSERVER a copy of the rejection letter from the DOT. Regional Traffic Engineer Thomas Messana described why he is denying the light.

“As part of our investigation the DOT evaluated this intersection on the need for a three- color signal,” he wrote. “An evaluation of data indicates that the volume of traffic entering the intersection from Williams Street is well below the threshold conditions established in the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices.”

The accident history didn’t warrant a three-colored traffic signal.

“We have determined that installation of a three-color signal will not improve safety at this time,” Messana wrote. “We also reviewed accident data from the most recent three years to determine if there was basis to consider the installation of a left-turn lane.”

Investigation showed that a left-turn lane would not improve safety.

Purol disagrees with Messana’s investigation about the roads and improving safety.

“Last fall, they put grooves in the center lane, which caused the last accident on Williams Street,” he said.

In the August 9, 2013 edition of OBSERVER it said there has been at least eight accidents in the last four years alone. Anyone who knows the area knows it is dangerous and the cross traffic does not stop sign may not be enough to keep drivers safe.

Purol has been working on getting help from the state on this issue for years. After a long struggle this is the state’s answer to the problem.