Perrysburg Town Board given water treatment plant update

PERRYSBURG – As the winter season draws to a close, the water treatment plant for the town of Perrys-burg is nearing completion.

Jake Alianello of MDA Consulting Engineers attended the Perrysburg Town Board monthly meeting to give an update on the project. He said no new work has been completed this month due to the wintry weather. Alianello said the workers are hoping to get inside the building to paint but the access road may pose a problem. According to Alianello, the road is all muddy and needs to dry out before painters can go up to the site.

Alianello also brought up an electrical issue at the site. If everything is operating at once, the service at the plant is marginal, he explained. The plant is equipped with two water pumps which should never be running simultaneously, Alianello said.

The electrical issue should not be a problem for the town, he said but he suggested upgrading while there is money in the contingency budget.

The estimated cost of the project by MDA Consulting Engineers was around $1.2 million with low bids coming in at $900,000.

“We tried to estimate realistically what the project would cost,” Alianello said.

Three options given to the town were installing a transformer, installing new conductors with copper wiring placed in existing conduit, or installing aluminum conductors and new conduit.

Replacing the conductors with the existing conduit or replacing conduit would be similar in pricing. Alianello said these options would be the “cleanest fix” for the town; by installing a transformer, there is no guarantee the fix would be permanent.

Supervisor Dennis Stopen requested pricing for increasing the voltage to 200 amps. Currently, the current is at 100 amps from the control panel at the site. Alianello said the site should only use around 75 amps. Upon further discussion, the board decided to go against the copper wiring and was not in favor of putting in a transformer. The board did not make a decision on the matter and will discuss it at a later meeting.

The town board also approved two payments and a change order for the treatment plant. The board approved a payment of $21,348 for STC Construction and $1,324 for Gerwitz and McNeil Electric for work completed. A change order in the amount of $22,472 for a pipe, a sample building, a tank level sensor and a concrete loading dock.

Board member Richard Gabel said each month the board is surprised with change orders. Lynn Varney, board member, said the town board should have been informed, and the change orders should have been incorporated into the original plans.

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