Forestville will always be Forestville

Over the years I have taken my children to the Laona Easter Egg hunt. My family has participated in many Christmas dinners at the Hartfield Fire Department. I have enjoyed going to Sunset Bay and Barcelona and taking a stroll on the beach. I have good friends who are active in the Frewsburg community. Some of my favorite county restaurants are in Irving and Dewittville.

What do all these communities have in common? None of them need a government to exist.

There is no Laona mayor, Hartfield trustees, Frewsburg village workers. Yet we all know where they are.

Somehow people in Irving and Dewittville get their roads plowed and their trash collected. They know who they are without a government body.

Forestville’s recent woes have been well documented. Taxpayers in the village of 687 people are faced with a proposed tax increase of 445 percent. County officials are stepping in with assistance, but with a caveat – the county wants a task force to examine the viability of the village. The exact resolution is as follows: “The Village (of Forestville) participating in a task force to be formed by the County Executive and Chairman of the Legislature consisting of officials and stakeholders from the County, Town of Hanover, and Village that will examine the viability of the Village as a continuing independent municipal entity, including consideration of the potential of dissolution.”

Mayor Kevin Johnson said he thinks the village has already made its opposition to dissolution clear, but any decision in the future would be left up to the residents. He’s not fighting forming a commission, but it sounds like he’s already made his mind up, that Forestville should stay.

Forestville does not need a village government to be Forestville. One hundred years from now we’ll all know where Forestville is even if there isn’t a village board. Ask the residents of Dewittville, Hartfield, Irving, Sunset Bay, Barcelona, Laona or Frewsburg if they have community pride. I bet they do.

Gregory Bacon is the OBSERVER Managing Editor. Comments may be sent to