One hurt in crash

An accident on the corner of Route 60 (Main Street) and Route 5 (Lake Shore Drive) resulted in one man being sent to the hospital Thursday around 2 p.m.

Dunkirk City Police, Dunkirk Fire Department and Fire Police, as well as Alstar Ambulance were present at the scene of the accident.

Robert Morse Sr., 71, of Dunkirk was making a left turn from Main Street onto Lake Shore Drive.

Mladen Clijanovic, 34, of Blasdell, was heading straight on Lake Shore Drive.

According to the Dunkirk City Police report, Morse claimed he was waiting at the intersection when cars ahead of him were going, so he proceeded to follow.

A witness reported he was directly behind Morse at the time of the accident and the light was red when Morse was turning.

The report stated Clijanovic had the right of way.

Morse’s 2015 Ford pickup struck Clijanovic’s Grand Island Transportation tractor trailer at the front of the vehicle, directly hitting the fuel tank.

Dunkirk Fire Department EMS Officer James Hyland said Morse was treated by the fire department on scene and Alstar transported him to Brooks Memorial Hospital for further treatment with what appeared to be minor injuries.

Clijanovic wasn’t injured.

“I never had an accident before,” Clijanovic said. “This was scary. He (Morse Sr.) was going full speed through the light, at least 30 mph.”

The pickup was towed from the scene.

“It had a considerable amount of damage,” Hyland said. “There was a coolant and anti-freeze leak, which we cleaned up.”

Clijanovic said the fuel tank on his tractor trailer was not leaking but was a little bent. He added he could fix it.

“I work in the office for the company,” he said. “I already have another driver coming.”