Prospect Street a Perrysburg concern

PERRYSBURG – It’s open to traffic for now, but that may change if erosion increases along Prospect Street in the town of Perrysburg. Highway Super-intendent Daniel Stang said the road is stable, but erosion is still occurring.

According to Stang, the town has taken measures to alert motorists of the erosion from the creek below. Barriers have been placed on the shoulder and there is a road sign alerting motorists of the no shoulder condition. Stang said the erosion is causing the road to look a lot worse than it really is. The erosion is causing the cliff to drop down but it is not coming in toward the driving lane.

“We’re keeping an eye on it,” Stang said.

Stang said if the road were to get any worse the town would shut it down to one lane. Closing the road entirely would be the final option. If the road were to close, a nearly 20-mile detour would have to be posted.

Since the road crosses into the Seneca Nation of Indians, the town is waiting to hear from the SNI to see how much money can be allocated from the SNI for repairs.

The town board also heard an update on the town hall. Johnson Heating said the heating system in the building will probably last through another winter. An architect also said the current building is workable, board member Richard Gabel said. There was previous talk of either repairing the building or building a new structure for a town hall.

The board did not make a decision regarding the town hall. The town also approved changing grievance day to the fourth Wednesday in May.

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