Hanover opposes taking three actions

HANOVER – Three actions did not get the Hanover Town Board’s stamp of approval at its recent meeting.

The first was a proposal from the county board of elections to reduce the number of poll sites in Hanover from four to two.

The town currently has polling sites at the Forestville Municipal Building, Silver Creek School District, Mt. Carmel Church auditorium and the Goodell Building in Irving.

The proposal would only maintain the sites in Forestville and at Mt. Carmel.

“I would rather support maintaining at least three polling places,” Councilman Kevin O’Connell said. “I could see eliminating either the school or Mt. Carmel but we should keep the other two. I want the sites to still be convenient for residents.”

The other councilmen agreed with O’Connell’s opposition and when it came time to vote the board unanimously decided to oppose the proposal.

Republican Elections Commissioner Brian Abram said the board of elections determines the number of polling sites based on population and the size of the town as well as physical land barriers.

“We asked the town for input and when we receive a formal reply we will review their stance and then make a decision,” he explained in a phone interview.

The town board also expressed opposition to granting a second variance for a wind energy conversion system on Angell Road. On March 24, the town board held a public hearing on a variance to construct a WECS at 132 feet, 12 feet above the town law’s height limit.

The variance was approved for the 132 feet. At the time town Attorney Jeffrey Passafaro asked if 132 feet would be high enough. An amendment was later filed for the height to reach 135 feet.

“Engineering is not the fault of the board,” Passafaro said.

The board agreed that a second public hearing over three feet makes the town look foolish.

O’Connell also questioned what would prevent a third amendment for a few more feet.

The board set the second public hearing for May 12 at 7:35 p.m.

Supervisor Todd Johnson explained the town must hold a public hearing to allow residents’ input to be heard before the board takes any action.

The board also denied a conference request for part-time Clerk Jill Valvo to attend board of assessment review training in Mayville.

“I am not opposed to education, but how much is she going to work with the board of assessment review?” Johnson asked. “We need to weigh this against the cost to the taxpayer.”

When it came to a vote the board unanimously voted against it.

The board did approve conference requests for Assessor Darlene Fox and the board of assessment review members. Also approved was the sponsorship of senior groups; $600 for Mt. Carmel, $800 for Silver Creek and $600 for Forestville. A season pass for the town boat launch was donated as a prize in the annual Walleye Association’s tournament.

The board will meet again on April 28.