I have a lot to say

Happy Easter! I have a lot to say today and we’ll start with Easter. Someone asked me, “What’s the big deal about Easter?” I couldn’t believe my ears. Easter is all about Christ. First of all, God is the father so He is God and Mary who is a human is his mother. As God, He has power if He wants to use it and as a human, He can feel all the things we humans feel. He couldn’t die without the human side of him. Because He was special, He was worthy to be accepted to be the sacrifice to cleanse us from our sins, which He did willingly!

Of course, if you’re not a believer, Christ is nothing special and yet many of the same people make a big deal out of Christmas! Why is His birth so important and His death and resurrection insignificant? You have an opportunity to accept His cleansing gift and have a peace like you’ve never had before. It’s your choice. Today would be a perfect day to choose.

I was thinking the other day of people in the Bible who were sinners and yet God used them in a mighty way. I’ll name a few and you can look them up: Moses, Abraham, David, Jacob and Paul. There were women too like Mary Magdalene and the woman at the well and Rahab. These are stories of hope. If sometimes you feel like you’re not good enough to be used by God just remember that some of these men were murderers! Don’t forget, Jesus can forgive anyone anything. Who are we not to forgive ourselves? Are we more powerful and better than Jesus? That’s pride! Give it up and have peace!

Now let’s talk about current things. Today I’m going to talk about some of the things concerning the development of the Coburn block. Don’t forget, Mr. Coburn was from Fredonia. It’s in our best interests that Dunkirk and Fredonia work together. We should be good neighbors, so I’m going to work with Skeeter Tower on the proposed building plan for the Coburn block. I tell her she’s the head (the brains) and I’ll try to be the heart by keeping a positive outlook. If you’re a heart person, call me up. We need a lot of help.

Please, read very carefully Skeeter’s column tomorrow. We lucked out when she moved to this area! She’s so capable! She loves Dunkirk and sees so many possibilities for the area.

I told you recently that one of my philosophies is – “If you can’t do what you’d like to do do what you can do.” We all have to get on this page because there is so much we can do! But only if we’re willing!

Being very realistic I’d love to create thousands of jobs. That’s what we need! If there is anybody out there who knows how we can do this, please come forward. Until that time, let’s concentrate on what we can do.

I believe that Dunkirk has a lot to offer! We know our fishing area draws people from all over. What can we do to develop it further? I’ve heard people say we need more of the pier for fishermen and others want to use it more for music and stores.

Why can’t we have both? I enjoy the music on the pier. I’m not much of a shopper because at this time of my life, I’m trying to get rid of stuff, not buy more, although ice cream doesn’t take much room. It goes down easy and disappears! Now back to the fishermen. How about the land across the street that I believe the city owns? Couldn’t we have a shuttle bus to take people and their apparatus to the pier? That will create a job for someone and someone will have to produce a shuttle bus. More people will come! They will buy gas for their cars and boats, they will eat and buy things on the pier and if we fix up Central Avenue they’ll go there, too. I can just see that section in front of the stores with benches and trees! People will socialize more.

There’s one thing we haven’t covered. We all have to smile more. Everybody loves a friendly place.

Now I’ve told you Skeeter is the head, I’m the heart, but we need a body, hands, and feet to make it happen. I feel so energized! I hope it’s contagious! Get involved!

I have a suggestion. Make dinner time around the table idea time. Get your children involved. What do they like about our environment? Could we add to it? What’s missing in our area? What would you like to see added? Get everybody involved.

We’ve lost plants before and survived. We can do it again!

Now I got involved with this project through Skeeter, but she says Rural Ministries and Dunkirk Development are the real workers. I’m looking forward to meeting Kathy Petersen, the executive director of Rural Ministries, If you would like to support the Coburn Block Renovation, you can send a check to the Northern Chautauqua Community Foundation 212 Lake Shore Drive, Dunkirk, NY 14048. Make it payable to Coburn Block Renovation. Thank you!