New brochure distribution service for Chautauqua County

SILVER CREEK – Pamela Forge, who has been publishing Explore New York, The Greater Western New York Travelers Companion visitor guide for the past 18 years, has announced a new branch of her company. The company previously distributing her guide in Chautauqua County went out of business. Forge felt that it was a great opportunity to start a new service.

“After all, I will be my own best customer, stated Forge.

Through persuasion by other tourism professionals, Forge has decided that it is time for area attractions, events, restaurants, campgrounds and other tourism-related businesses to receive proper distribution of their brochures and guides in Chautauqua County. There has been very positive feedback about beginning this new chapter in her career, in fact she has received the following testimonial.

“Pam Forge and Forge Ahead Promotions will do an excellent job in promoting area business through their distribution network. Everything that Pam works on involves high energy, efficiency, and commitment. We are looking forward to participating,” Andrew Nixon, executive director of the Chautauqua County Visitors Bureau, said.

The target date for service is May 2014. From Memorial Day through Labor Day Forge Ahead Promotions, Inc. will be checking the high traffic racks at least once a week. Throughout the remainder of the year racks will be filled on a need basis and professionally tended to, something that was lacking in the past. There are currently over 30 locations secured and her goal is to have 40-50 locations by May.

If you want your brochures distributed through Forge Ahead Promotions, Inc., Forge can be reached at (716) 934-3775 or