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SAFE Act does not make us safer


The last thing you want to be in New York now is: a hunter, gun owner, Christian conservative and a member of the military or veteran.

How things have changed since we went from a Democratic Republic to a socialist state. My question is why this leftist government in Albany is out to criminalize the honest, hard working, tax paying members of this society. The same people go to work every day to provide for their families and enjoy hunting and the shooting sports.

Ben Wassell is definitely one of the above. Why wasn’t he informed that he may be violating one of the existing gun laws?

Now according to your article of March 8, Judge Michael D’Amico told the jury that “this is not a SAFE Act case.”

If so, trying to sell a “semi-automatic” rifle was not illegal. This only came into effect with the passage of the (UN)SAFE act.

Josef Goebbels said “If you tell a lie often enough people will believe it,” and that’s what our liberal news media does.

An assault weapon as classified by the military, Department of Defense and the U.S. Government is: a select fire weapon that fires an intermediate power cartridge between a sub-machine gun and rifles cartridges. Select fire means it can be switched from semi-automatic to full automatic with a selector switch.

So, an AR-15 being just a semi-automatic civilian rifle is not an assault rifle nor is it high powered since it is a 5.56/45mm cartridge. Actual assault rifles have not been legal to manufacture for civilian markets since 1986.

These laws make no sense! Why did the Clinton gun ban fail? Because these weapons are not used in over 99.9 percent of crimes. Check the unified crime statistics!

Leave the hard working, law abiding, taxpaying citizens like Ben Wassell alone and spend the time arresting criminals!