Hanover employees may unionize

HANOVER – Hanover officials are remaining tight-lipped, but a Teamster Local 264 official in Buffalo confirmed town employees have made the first step in an attempt to unionize.

Teamsters Local 264 in Buffalo Secretary Treasurer Darrin Ziemba confirmed he sent a letter of intent to town of Hanover Supervisor Todd Johnson on April 8.

“A letter of intent was sent to the town supervisor for voluntary action. By law, we must wait 30 days for an answer. Without reading it, the letter states there is majority support of Hanover employees (to form a union),” he said.

Hanover Supervisor Todd Johnson said he was not in a position to confirm or deny the claim.

He did confirm that the town has 15 full-time employees which, up to this point, have not been unionized.

Ziemba would not say which departments have voted to unionize.

“I don’t want to give out that information without granting the town the 30 days to respond,” he said.

No Hanover officials contacted were willing to comment on the topic.

At its April 14 meeting, the Hanover Town Board entered into executive session for about an hour to discuss personnel issues. The board will meet again on April 28 at 7:30 p.m., with a workshop at 6:30 p.m. in the town hall.