Brocton school projects going well

BROCTON – Despite a couple setbacks, everything seems to be coming together nicely for Brocton Central School.

The capital project should be finished after spring break if the weather holds up. According to school officials during a recent meeting, the fitness room and pool are a huge hit with the school community.

This whole project includes air conditioning and heating; as well as $1 million in technology. Altogether it cost $16 million, which was paid with grants and state aid.

Since the school used all its snow days; May 22 and 23 now will be make up days.

High School Principal Jason Delcamp spoke briefly about the SUNY Fredonia Media Day dinner.

“We received 47 awards for our school paper, Brocton Review,” he said. “It is an outstanding paper.”

Brocton Review was awarded seven first place awards, 10 second place awards and nine third place awards.

Star Apartment Resident Jerome Hackett brought to the board members’ attention his desire to speak to the student body about his heritage.

“I am pleased to be here during one of America’s greatest traditions,” he said. “Honoring America’s tradition of school board meetings.”

Hackett explained to the board his generation is not going to be around much longer and it would be nice if he and other Star Apartment residents could talk to the young people.

“I know a lot about the railroad,” he said. “I grew up with it all my life. This is part of our heritage. As we die off, that heritage goes with us.”

“Families used to be much closer,” he continued. “I always stress importance of family and culture.”

The Dunkirk Railway Station has Hackett’s father’s blood, sweat and tears in its construction.

“My father helped engineer the Dunkirk Railway Station,” he said. “Anyone interested in listening to me, I would talk to the students.”

Going back 60 years, Hackett used to ride passenger trains to get to school.

“Kids nowadays don’t even know what a passenger train is and have never seen one,” he said. “I would like to let them know these things.”