Brocton has more concerns with East Main Street building

BROCTON – Trustees in the village of Brocton had building safety as a discussion topic for their bi-monthly meeting.

During Mayor Dave Hazelton’s report for the public meeting, he updated those in attendance on a recent structural event at 10 E. Main St., a failing building which the village has actively been trying to address.

“Recently at 10 E. Main, a beam let loose inside the building and threw glass from one of the windows onto the street. We authorized crews to buy some plywood and block off all remaining glass in the building so that will not happen again,” Hazelton said.

No injuries were reported as a result of the beam slipping and the mayor reported that funds for the plywood were taken out of the village’s deteriorating building fund, which was recently increased for this 2014/2015 budget year.

In similar matters, Village Electric Lineman Joe Majkowski and Village Code Enforcement Officer Alan Gustafson addressed the trustees on the proposed electrical inspection of buildings in the village that have remained unoccupied for a year or more.

Majkowski asked the board if he could be provided something in writing allowing for a general electrical inspection before the building is reoccupied and electrical service gets turned back on.

The concern, according to Majkowski and Gustafson, is that once the building remains vacant, it’s difficult to determine if the electrical service has suffered any major changes which could pose problems once services resumes.

Village Attorney Sam Drayo and Mayor Hazelton concurred and agreed to look into the New York State electric code to see if something exists already allowing for the inspections to take place.

Gustafson also gave a report to the board about a structure which used to hold an office attached to the former Huntley building on Peerless Street.

The officer noted that the roof of the former office has started to collapse in the dilapidated building and that a door was reported open. The building has been properly posted according to building code, and Gustafson told the board Wednesday that the owner has obtained a permit for demolition of the former office portion of the building, noting “The back building still has issues, but this is a good start.”

As better weather approaches, Gustafson also reported to the board that he will be updating office communications to village residents on swimming pool regulations.